Collection: Voice of LA

Voice of LA is organized by Hello Art World, a non-profit organization that offers innovative arts education programs connecting diverse students with artists and professionals, bridging borders and barriers. 

This exhibition showcases a collection of blue and white porcelain paintings reflecting the narratives of first- and second-generation immigrant artists aged 11-17, from CM Cubed Art experimental classes. These young artists infuse their works with the kaleidoscope of experiences that define Los Angeles.

The artworks reflect the diverse voices and experiences of the city, offering a visual tour of LA. Along the freeways, scenes come alive with traffic signs, billboard advertisements, and vibrant graffiti on signs and walls. Through this collection, the young artists provide a fresh and poignant perspective on the vibrant culture of LA.

Curated by: Weimei Chen

Featuring: Hailey Chan, Kelly Chen, Clarice Gu, Elissa He, Anny Jiao, July Lai, Chloe Li, Vanessa Li, Freya Lin, Emily Lu, Elena Ning, Erica Tsai, Anna Wang, Emily Wang, Evelyn Wu, Jasmine Zhang, Amber Zheng, and Kaylee Zhu.